Trusted Leadership Resources: Crisis Leadership, Teaching Online, and Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other

To uphold our commitment to provide trusted resources and create trusted spaces for leadership learning, we've created a special web page with ILA articles, webinars, and podcasts on crisis leadership, teaching leadership online, and taking care of ourselves and each other. Be sure to check out these valuable resources for your work, life, and leadership.

Trusted Leadership Resources

Leadership for the Greater Good: Reflections on Today's Challenges from Around the Globe

We are living in an unprecedented time. While none of us have experienced the specific details of the challenges before us, we are not without resources to help see us through. ILA has invited well-known and respected thought leaders from around the world to share their leadership knowledge, wisdom, and viewpoint to inform and inspire us as we continue our collective work.

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Peace Reconciliation and Social Justice Leadership in the 21st CenturyFeatured ILA Publication

Peace, Reconciliation and Social Justice Leadership in the 21st Century: The Role of Leaders and Followers edited by H Eric Schockman, Vanessa Hernández, and Aldo Boitano (Emerald Group Publishing 2019)

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International Leadership Association: Bringing People Together
For Better Leadership Now

The International Leadership Association is the global network for those who study, teach, and practice leadership. ILA brings together thousands of leadership professionals from multiple sectors, disciplines, professions, cultures, and generations – to advance leadership knowledge and practice for a better world.

Through conferences, webinars, publications, and other resources, ILA convenes and connects its members, provides professional development opportunities, advances the field of leadership, and fosters new insights into effective and ethical leadership.

If you're interested in:

  • Participating in a global community focused on leadership.
  • Learning about the latest in leadership thinking, research, teaching, and practice.
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  • Accessing the latest in leadership resources and publications.
  • Networking with other leadership professionals who support and challenge you.
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Interface - The Newsletter of the ILA

View the most recent pornvpn免费下载 Inclusify: How to Lead More Inclusively During Covid-19 and Beyond with Stefanie K. Johnson and Cindy Pace

Read the latest PAUSE for Pedagogy, "Leadership and Podcasting in Pedagogy," by Lauren Bullock and Dan Jenkins then watch the video interview with them.

Read the latest Grassroots Leadership & the Arts for Social Change Corner, "Louder Than a Bomb: Poetry Slams and Community Activism Create a Powerful Brew," by Kristin Lems.

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29 July 2020 - Online Critical Conversations: Navigating Uncertainty in Leadership Education Contexts. Learn more here

pornvpn免费下载 - Online Critical Conversations: What is the Place of Anti-Racism in Leadership Education? pornvpn免费下载

pornvpn免费下载 - Online Critical Conversations: What Resources Do Leadership Educators Need Right Now? Learn more here

pornvpn免费下载 - Webinar: The Regenerative Life: Transforming Your Destiny, Organization, and Community with Carol Sanford and Lisa Ruiz (Moderator). Learn more here

5-8 November 2020- Leading at the Edge, 22nd Annual Global Conference in San Francisco, CA, USA

pornvpn免费下载- Power of Purpose III: Measuring the Economics of Purpose, Chicago, IL, USA

1-5 August 2021- Leadership Education Academy, Metro DC, USA

COVID-19 Info

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Americans Are Increasingly Skeptical About the Effectiveness of Their Leaders - New research released at #ILA2019Ottawa featured (ValueWalk, 25 October 2019)

Leadership Experts From Around the World Gather in Ottawa This Week (22 October 2019)